Fishing plant Big Fish

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  • cod fresh, gutted, with head
  • cod fresh, gutted, without head

  • cod fillet, with skin, fresh
  • cod fillet, without skin, fresh

  • Baltic flatfish, fresh
  • Flatfish, fresh, carcass, without skin
  • Flatfish, fresh, carcass, with skin
  • Flatfish, fresh, semi-carcass, with skin

  • Baltic herring, fresh
  • Baltic Herring, fresh, carcass, gutted, with tail
  • Baltic Herring, fresh, flaps

  • Turbot
  • Turbot, carcass, without skin

  • Baltic Salmon, fresh, gutted, with head
  • Baltic Salmon fillet, with skin, fresh
  • Norwegian Salmon, fresh
  • Norwegian Salmon, with skin, fresh

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